Professional Property Management

Pyramid Real Estate Services is a strong, growing company that strives to ensure your investment brings you the largest return possible.

We are designed to make your investment "hands free" while you enjoy a profitable and stress free lifestyle. Our management currently consists of single family, multi family, commercial, and condominium properties.

Pyramid is comprised of a diverse staff in varying positions, which ultimately assists in streamlining operations. This model of focusing rolls to one area of the business directly benefits the investor and their investment. These rolls include management which overses communication, to rental consultants that handle day-to-day tenant concerns and ensure ultimate market ability of the properties. We have a finance department and, of course, property managers who facilitate and organize all aspects of caring for your investment. With all of this expertise we are able to accommodate things like: 24/7 emergency contact, accounts receivable, accounts payable, liability assessments, rent collection, move-ins, move-outs, screening of new tenant applications, dealing with tenant concerns and a number of other operational features for your investment.

We also have a maintenance division, separate from the Property Management, which allows us to effect repairs much quicker than having to wait for contractors. They care for all minor aspects of general repairs and assist the property managers to ensure owners liabilities are limited. They are charged at $50/hour, charged by the quarter hour.

Condominium Corporations

We have several years' experience dealing with Condominiums and are very familiar with the Condominium Property Act, we are able to do budgets, liability assessments, facilitate Reserve Fund Studies, Insurance Appraisals as well as the maintenance and day to day operation of your condominium. We find that the services of a Professional Management Company allow members of the Board of Directors to re-attain the carefree lifestyle they were purchasing when they chose to live in a Condominium.

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